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I would personally buy your gear if possible because enhancing can be very disheartening and can burn you out quickly.

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I do not know what is special with this program, I did increase my push up count from 10 to 50 push ups per set in only a span of 1 month.

Not bad. I have attempted to increase it for so long, I didn't know it was easy. I didn't have changes with regard to my diet and anything else.

Just the routine. Hey, i kinda need help, I can't progress to "knees front leever rows" I am doing it on the smith machine, the exercise before that is easy but I can't hold that one, any help?

Can't do decline pike push ups, though I can do 8 reps of decline push ups, how can I progress? Are your knees tucked to your chest?

Are you going through the full range of motion on the previous exercise? Decline pike push ups and decline push ups are not part of the same progression.

I don't understand what you mean When I can do them myself I hate posting stuff I'm not able to do.

I would consider them more as skill work than as a strength progression though. What about bridge pushups? Those are pretty tough, and they help to achieve a kip up.

Bridges are also a great stretch. Wow, this seems to be a very nice programme! What I'm missing though is some kind of app on which to track my progress as I don't have a fixed workout location and carry too much stuff around already.

Anyone's got a good recommendation? Might also be a simple spreadsheet which only shows the last number of reps for each exercise or something like that.

Once I have reached an advanced level of fitness, would this be a good workout? Great website and progressions. Do you recommend, being able to do all of the basic progressions in their entirety, before moving to the ancillary progressions, even if they are not prerequisites.

I have been performing this exercises kind of in a circuit style for a few weeks now. I am a beginner. I am already seeing HUGE improvement in my strength and fitness and even my body is looking better also eating a body builder diet and lost 20lbs so far.

No expensive gym or equipment needed. Thank you so much for making this information available for free.

Your teaching approach is absolutely perfect. Thank you, seriously, thank you. Well done.. This is very great.. I shall be following.

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ProgreГџionstabelle -

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Die Entscheidung ist nicht rechtskräftig. Players will also receive a Player Level Gun Charm inspired by the above badges at levels , , , and Under the old system, there was a large increase in XP required at level The net impact of this change is that the XP curve should be softer for new players, meaning they will get more rewards, faster through level Because XP requirements are being reduced, players between levels 20 and 99 may find they are a level higher after this change goes live, if they were close to leveling up.

These XP changes will have no effect on players already at level The maximum XP required per level will remain at 18, starting at level 58 26 in the old system and will remain constant through level Anything glaringly wrong with what I've written, or suggestions on what to add so that it can be a valuable resource?

I'm on my phone, so reading long texts isn't as easy. It all seems good, though. I like the higher volume for upper body, too.

It's something I feel could fill a much needed hole for what a lot of people want to train like. Quick question: On push day you have two different tricep movements, however, you have them both supersetted with lateral raises.

Was this intended or a mistake? If it's intended, what other accessory shoulder exercise would you recommend instead for one of the other supersets?

Edit: I swear to god you read my mind with the design of this program. It's a little scary. Great job. Lateral raises are a movement for a tiny muscle group your lateral delts , and you can only use a tiny amount of weight on them.

Doing 6 sets is really not that fatiguing at all, and shoulders in my experience respond really well to lots of volume. If you didn't wanna do 6 straight sets you could do 3 sets of front raises and 3 sets of lateral raises, but I think front delts are gonna be hit hard enough on the rest of the pressing anyway.

Yeah great point. This is a fantastic program. My main problem was a huge lower body and smaller upper body.

Is there any way I could skip out on some legs and get a little more arm work in on the "leg" days? Or would that not allow for proper rest?

I wouldn't recommend cutting out on some leg work and throwing in some extra arm work. Throw in the extra arm work on your pull and push days if you really think you need it.

An extra couple of sets on your pushdowns and curls each should cover it, or just adding in another variation.

That's what I would recommend doing. But didn't mention this because it's for beginners. Noob question: Would it be okay to do this over 4 days instead of 6 days, with legs being worked on either a push or pull day along with that day's regular exercises?

The reason I ask is because I have a feeling that I won't have time to hit the gym 6 days a week, so I was hoping to still get the full workout in with less days.

Honestly I don't know why this isn't blowing the fuck up. Upvote the shit out of this people. It's a routine that allows strength gains to be made, but focuses mostly on looking better and gaining muscle which is a goal shared by a lot of beginners.

People can say all they want on this sub that SS isn't forced, but those comments that advocate for it are always at the top.

Yes but none of them really inform beginners that they need to still gain strength with linear progression at the same time as building some muscle.

Most of the ones I've seen have been all about hypertrophy. Your muscles don't know Thursday from Sunday. This is a good point, except since deadliffs are gonna be performed first in the week, these take a bit longer to recover from than barbell rows.

Oh, true. I've been following this sub since January and this is the best post I've seen so far. You took time to explain carefully to limit confusion and it all makes sense.

Will be implementing this starting today. One piece of advice to anyone who wants a way to track this. Just take 10 minutes to create the routine for each day and go from there.

Many thanks. Really stupid question: how do you progress on the dumbell curls, hammer curls, tricep pushdowns, etc.?

Usually I can guage when I can go up the next 5 lbs, but should I just increase a rep on each set every time as I feel fit? Don't think about a concrete progression plan.

Just add reps when you can until you get up to 3x Don't sweat the little stuff like this. I saw it once and never have been able to find it since.

And change one of your squat days to a front squat day. Other than that, you can just add more sets to everything, or another exercise variation on the day.

As a more advanced lifter you'll have a better tolerance to volume. The leg day isn't gonna be too taxing on your upper back assuming that you're not front squatting.

And the idea is that you'll deadlift on the first day of the week so that you've got time to recover from that. Upper back and lat work the day after squatting should be fine.

Last week when I deadlifted on Wednesday, my lower back did not recover in time for me to do back squats on Friday. What would you advise I do?

I'd like to squat at least twice a week. Do you think there's enough shoulders in this? Or should I add in another exercise or two if I really want to target them?

I don't like leg extensions and find them to be potentially injurious. But if you wanna include them then go ahead.

I've injured myself with them before despite taking things and easy and using good form. I would say there are plenty shoulder exercises too.

Face pulls are great for rear and lateral delts. All your pressing will hit your front delts hard. And you're doing lots of laterals.

I have patellar tendon tendinopathy which I and my physiotherapist believe could have been down to leg extensions. I can squat and leg press 'til the cows come home, but leg extensions for me are risky because:.

My question is why do you have triceps pushdowns and lateral raises, and then overhead tricep extensions and lateral raises? I feel like something is either duplicated or written as the wrong exercise.

So it's perfectly fine to do a low enough weight that will allow you to do six sets of 15 reps? Been doing this for 3 weeks now already seeing a lot of progress but want to incorporate some cardiovascular to shed belly fat off 30 min twice a week.

Tried to run today before push and found my lower back was really tight from pull the day before. What days would be best to do the two cardio workouts a week?

Before or after the weight lifting or just on my off day? Totally late to the thread. But why should we do face pulls? Seems like a lot of reps, especially with a full 5 sets.

Not criticizing, legitimately asking. Thanks in advance! This is a great routine, and I definitely had some parts of it in mind when I chose the exercises for this one.

Coolcicada is a clever guy. Yeah, I did SL for a few months, and then started Coolcicada's. I love the extra accessory volume, I feel like it helped my upper body lifts a lot more than SL.

Quick question on linear progression: if I'm feeling like I'm moving the weight easily, is there anything wrong with going up by more than the amounts listed?

Basically new to lifting, but not new to training. It's tempting, but don't do it. Use the additional easy-ish sessions as a way to hone your technique practice proper OHP form, squeeze your rows at the top, don't bounce your bench.

If it's really too easy you can take the last set AMRAP provided you maintain good form and stop a few reps short of complete failure.

I wouldn't, simply because it'll at most shave a couple weeks off of your progression and may hinder things more long term you'll stall earlier.

Just progress at the same rate as the program tells you and enjoy it while it's easy -- it won't last long. Maybe I've just missed it, but I think it would be good to explicitly address the 1 question I had when I was a clueless newbie: how do you figure out what weight to start with?

So I'm a complete beginner. Is it really OK to just jump in and get started? I thought that you weren't supposed to go more than 3 times a week because your muscles won't have time to grow?

I just finished my fourth week on this program, I feel stronger than ever, I actually look forward to going to work out and i've seen an increase in almost all my lifts, thanks man!

The one area I seem to struggle with are the dumbbell curls, I cant seem to get past my starting weight with them after a couple of sets my arms just physically cant lift them, any advice?

That's normal. Your biceps and forearms are gonna be fatigued by the ever increasing weights on your other exercises. The weight isn't important here, just the effort that you're putting into it.

Keep lifting hard and you'll get there. Edit: also the curls on pull day. What are you going to do with 96 bycep curls in a row?

Sincerely asking, just looks like to much volume to be useful. Loving the program. I've been doing a slightly modified one for the past two months with great results.

The modifications I've made were just deadlifting twice a week with 3x5 reps and that has gotten me to 3 plates with a 1rm just shy of 4 plates.

It's a general beginner routine, not an aesthetics routine. Doing yer fahves is the gold standard for beginner strength progression.

Similar ideas. Once you're able to hit 5x20 then up your weight by a touch. Could you help me modify it somehow?

Am I understanding this right, am I only supposed to do only one set of deadlift on deadlift days? See how you get on with it.

I was planning on it, so thanks again. I'm a noob so who knows but at least I'll know what to do if I'm not recovering. The exact same but you might want to tone down the volume on the accessories a little as you will recover slower on a deficit, e.

This is very similar to my my routine. Looks good. I've been very happy with my routine and I'm still making good progression on my big lifts.

Could you clarify when to add weight? You said at the beginning to add weight every workout, but later you say only when you can do 3 reps of Hey what rest time would you recommend between the various sets?

Obviously it's going to be different for the low rep vs high rep weights, but what do you do specifically? As long as is needed really.

As a general recommendation, minutes for the first exercise of the day between sets and minutes after. Just rest as long as you think you'll need to be able to hit all your reps.

Thanks for the great elaborate post! Thank you for writing this out. I have been looking for a new program and this seems to be great.

Will start this today! Thinking outside the box for a beginner routine, i really like this routine. Where would you add additional ab work such as kneeling cable crunches into this program if you were going to do so?

I'll make sections about this kinda stuff and reply to you again when it's in there - it seems to be a popular request. Wow, thanks for answering so fast and with such quality.

I really appreciate you taking the time! Little late to this thread, but how much time would you expect someone to spend in the gym on a given day in this routine?

Unless you're resting years between sets and chatting with your bros. OP, could you link the Jacked and Tan program please?

I can't seem to find it anywhere. Hey sorry I still don't understand this part, I looked at the explanation still don't get it would you mind explaining again please?

So there are basically two push days: P1 and P2. Since you still go strong on answering questions and I'm thinking to switch to this program, I wanted to ask how you determine the weight for the 3x OHP and Bench Press?

With a certain percentage or by feel? Would it still be possible to follow this program? Let's talk meal plans. I am looking to get a clean bulk with this program.

A fellow redditor recommended this site to generate a meal plan. Been on this workout for a week after doing StrongLifts for a couple of months.

I prefer this for sure. Been using this routine for a couple weeks now and love it so far. This post is much appreciated.

Does anyone recommend this over Strong lifts? I have added some arm work but I feel like SL is the wrong program for me I like the pump from higher rep but also like some strength progression..

I'm getting bored of squatting 5x5 every session If you enjoy it more then switch. Don't do something you don't enjoy because the internet tells you it's the right thing to do.

This shit isn't your job so just have fun with it. Try posting this question on the weekly moronic Monday or foolish Friday thread.

You might get someone more experienced to answer. This thread is mostly dead and will be difficult to get a reply, if he makes a new thread, it'll probably get buried.

ProgreГџionstabelle -

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